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Levi Dade
(662) 710-0592

Levi Dade is a Mississippi native and is a 2023 graduate from Ouachita Baptist University with his B.A. in Biblical Studies & Theology. He has served as pastoral intern for Life Line since his freshman year at Ouachita, and upon graduation he will move to Little Rock, AR and assume a full time position at Life Line. Levi has a heart for Christian Apologetics, which is a branch of theology concerned with giving a reasonable defense for the truthfulness and goodness of the Christian faith.

More about Levi

Levi also founded Defending Christianity (DC) in 2020 with the goal of providing Christians with a source that offers reasons for the truthfulness of Christianity. DC attempts to reach this goal in two ways: through the DC Podcast and the DC Blog. Both have the same mission: to give Christians a reliable source of information so they can answer the challenging questions and arguments offered against the faith by the world today. Levi's hope for DC is to help Christians have the courage and tools necessary to engage diverse ideas with an informed faith and bridge the Gospel to the lost world in which we live.


To find out more about Defending Christianity’s podcast/blog, follow the links below!

Defending Christianity Podcast:

Defending Christianity Blog:


Levi has also written apologetics material for The Rebelution blog and for CORE Leadership, an online ministry that provides free online courses to young adults and youth for the purpose of having a deeper knowledge and love for God.


Levi's prayer is that Christians will love God with their minds and reach the world for his glory with a humble and winsome character.


Levi is also a photographer for his university, and he started his photography business, Dade Photography when he was in high school in 2017. He was a photographer for Ouachita Baptist University’s yearbook, campus newspaper, and Communication Dept. all four years of his attendance. During that time, he served as co-editor for the photo lab his junior and senior years.


A link to Levi’s photography website can be found here:


You can typically find Levi reading a book, kayak fishing, hiking, writing, taking photos, or struggling to decide which one of these activities he should do!

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